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The 30–60–90 days Plan for a new Hire (Template)

With all the fun and excitement that comes with a new job, there can also be a lot of anxiety about this new journey. So many questions keep boggling through the mind, about the team, new challenges, goals, and learning and sometimes we cannot prioritize what to focus on in the initial few days. To overcome this, there is a simple plan we call a 30–60–90 days Plan.

Before jumping into what is the 30–60–90 days Plan, here are a few pointers on why we need a 30–60–90-day Plan:

  1. Focus — It helps in focusing and adapting to make your initial few days most productive.

  2. Helps in prioritizing — Not overwhelmed with the vast information.

  3. Helps you to organize — Acts as a good roadmap for your 1st quarter.

There will be many more advantages of this plan apart from the above few.

What is a 30–60–90 days Plan?

It’s a plan that helps you to set your goals and transition into your new role. There are so many guides available on the internet to come up with the 30–60–90 days plan but here is how I approach this plan. With the simple 3P approach (People, Process, Product), I try to make my own 30–60–90 days plan.

First 30 daysPeople — The objective of this phase is to know the people around you, your team members, managers, leadership, etc. The focus should be on learning and getting to know your team members.

Next 30 days (31–60)Process — Every company has its own process and it’s very important to know and adapt to it. The main focus of this phase is to understand the different processes that are being followed in your organization, along with tools and best practices. By this time, you should also be able to contribute to your team.

Final 30 days (61–90)Product — Each one of us will be closely working with a product irrespective if you are a software engineer or a salesperson. By the end of 90 days, we should be very well versed with the product which we are working with.

I joined PayPal a few months ago as a Product Manager and this is what my 30–60–90 days Plan looks like. Thanks to my managers for helping me set this plan. Few of the items may not be relevant and specific to the Product Management role but more or less it might help in giving a good template for other roles. The most important thing is don’t forget to do a retro at the end of each Phase to understand, what went well and what could be improved.

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